Hello my dear coding friends! My name is Nataliia and I am front end developer from Ukraine, currently I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I decided to start this blog because I want to have even more fun from my programming life as well as to be even more involved with amazing group of people called front end community! Here I will share some of mine ideas and opinions as well as cover the topics I found important and interesting. In this first post I want to introduce myself.

About 3 years ago somewhere in Facebook I happen to stumble upon the article which was covering resources where you can learn how to code for free. And as I was in search of occupation and opportunities I decided to try. And… I liked it! Since than I no longer have a problem of looking for a proper way to spend my free time. Truly speaking I no longer have any free time :)

So yes, I definitely found a proper pastime. In a meanwhile I started to work on some small freelance projects, later I started my first job as a junior front end for a startup and currently I work for a company which develops and supports multiple online stores.

The challenges I face now as a developer are in-depth knowledge of Javascript and real-project experience with React. So those topics will also be covered in this blog.

Before I started to program I used to … well who cares about that dull part of my life.

To be continued

Front end developer based in Amsterdam. Here I write about my life as a web-developer, advise on how to get programming skills and share all kind of ideas.

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