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As already discussed in my previous post to my opinion online course is a good place to start your acknowledgement with coding. Why? Because most of them are designed for beginners and are really good in sparking an interest about programming.

To find a course simply google it. You may found a course or a list of recommended courses created by someone. For example I recently found this pretty long list of free courses.

But I want to go ahead and create my own short list of courses I recommend.

  1. Codecademy
  2. Udacity
  3. Codeschool
  4. Nodeschool

What is mutual about all the courses listed below is that with them you are getting both theory and practice in one time. But let’s get a bit into details.


Codecademy, “Learn ReactJS: Part II” course

So as you can see on the pic, on the left they give you some theory with related tasks and in the middle you have a code editor where you directly can solve the tasks and on the right you can see the result. Everything is on one screen! Cool, isn’t it? And the interface itself is build with React btw.

The range of courses is also nice. Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Angular, React etc.

Codecademy will suite for beginners.


The learning setup is a bit different — you first watch series of short videos where teachers are explaining stuff and after you do tasks and quizzes.

Udacity “Promise it won’t hurt” course

Udacity has quite a lot courses related to front end and JavaScript. You can find beginner and intermediate level courses among them. I really liked Object-Oriented JavaScript and would recommend it to those who don’t have a clear picture on scope, context and prototypes yet. JavaScript Design Patterns contains an overview on how to organise your code so that it is easy to read and maintain. Website Performance Optimization is giving tips on how to optimise your websites so that they work faster and such important topic as Web Accessibility is also covered in one of the courses. And there much more to check, believe me!


I love Code School! Design is bright, the choice of courses is impressive and quality of content is very good. They really reached the goal to make the process of learning to be fun.

Some courses are free of charge, though to access most of the courses you have to purchase a subscription. I’ve got one for half a year with a discount on Black Friday and was pretty satisfied.

At Codeschool you also have videos where teacher is explaining you the lesson material and after you answer questions and make different tasks.

The courses are mostly good for beginners though some are close to intermediate level. They have an introduction to css3 animations in Adventures in Web Animations course, explanation of ES6 in ES2015: The Shape of JavaScript to Come, explanation how to git in Git Real and a lot of other interesting stuff.


Another school. This one is different because you do the course not in the browser but in the … terminal! You can also check if there is a nodeschool event in your city. There you can ask for help with the tasks in case you have troubles and also meet other code learners. If there is no Nodeschool events in your city you can organise one :) If you’re experienced enough you can also build your own course.

List of core workshops in Nodeschool

We have Nodeschool events in Amsterdam once in a month and I enjoy to attend them.

So, that’s it for now. There are much more courses, of course. But there is no need to check them all. As I already told most of the courses are good for beginners only and, what is more important it’s not enough to do the course to study the subject well. Don’t forget about books, mentors and practice your knowledge with real projects as much as possible.

PS: I want to thank to all the creators of the listed workshops and courses. I learned a lot from there and it was full of joy time.

Front end developer based in Amsterdam. Here I write about my life as a web-developer, advise on how to get programming skills and share all kind of ideas.

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